ZooMobile FAQs

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Are students/participants allowed to touch the animals?

Our ZooMobile programs usually consist of a presentation and then a short Q&A period. Depending upon the size and demeanor of the class, we sometimes allow a few of our animals to be touched at the end of the presentation, but usually our staff/presenters are the only ones that get to directly interact with the animals. This is due to safety and liability concerns for both students and animals, as well as the health of the animals, which is our topmost priority.

Can presentations be held outside?

We prefer to present our ZooMobile program indoors due to safety concerns for our animals. Outdoor spaces will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What is the maximum number of participants?

The ideal maximum number of people is listed under the descriptions, but it can be more depending on the circumstances. The number of students that can see a performance is really only limited by the amount of space we are presenting in; there should be room for all the children to sit comfortably while giving us a little bit of a “buffer” space between them and the animals. Smaller groups are more ideal so that everyone has a good view, but we have given presentations for up to 500 people before. Please note that there is a $100 fee for assemblies greater than 150 people.

Can we book a ZooMobile for a birthday party or personal event?

We generally do not book birthday parties or events at private residences due to concerns regarding space and safety for our animals, particularly regarding outdoor areas and loud noises. Specific inquiries can be sent to samantha@southwickszoo.com

How is payment processed?

We ask for payment to be made in the form of a check made out to “EARTH Ltd”, due at the time of the presentation. If the check will be left at a front office, please make sure to let us know in advance and have the check easily accessible to front office staff the day of the presentation. If you need a W-9 tax form, we can email that to you along with the confirmation/invoice.

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