Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does EARTH Ltd. do?

Our non-profit organization exists to educate the public about the environmental issues that animals, eco-systems and our global community face today. Our hands-on and interactive educational presentations take place not only at Southwick’s Zoo, but also off-site through mobile educational programs and exciting trips abroad!

Who does EARTH Ltd. support?

We support many ecological and conservational efforts locally and globally, including Whale Shark research, the Sloth Rehabilitation Center, the Great Green Macaw Project, internships at the EARTH Discovery Center, eco-travel, the Sarapiqui Conservation Learning Center in Costa Rica and so much more!

How can I get involved with EARTH Ltd.?

The best way to support and benefit from our organization is to become an EARTH Ltd. member! EARTH Ltd. also offers a limited number of internships and volunteer/docent positions for the zoo season (mid-April to mid-October).

* Docent or zoo volunteer training takes place at our training center from February to April on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Please contact us for more information.

As always, any donation is greatly appreciated. It is only with your help and support that we can continue our ever-growing work and efforts, so please consider making a donation if you are able.

Can my kids get involved too?

Part of our mission is to help educate and increase conservation awareness in children of all ages. There are a number of ways for kids to get involved with EARTH Ltd. Either by visiting our EARTH Discovery Center at Southwick’s Zoo, or by getting involved in any of our fun and kid-friendly educational services and summer programs.

Where does the money from my membership go?

Membership costs go toward supporting all facets of our non-profit, both big and small. This includes monetary support for conservation efforts, docent training, international student housing, educational seminars, animal care, Zoo education, summer program activities, teaching materials, and research programs!

Why should I support EARTH Ltd.?

If you are not currently a member of EARTH Ltd, now is a great time to consider joining this wonderful organization. The benefits far outweigh the cost of your contribution, which is also tax deductible. Most importantly any membership or donation contributes to the education and conservation messages we share with thousands each year.

Frequently Asked Questions at EARTH Ltd., Mendon, MAWhat happens to the zoo animals during the winter?

The animals stay here at Southwick’s Zoo year-round! The hoofstock and larger animals stay outside and are taken care of daily, while smaller primates and tropical birds are taken into the winter quarters barn. Many animal exhibits have heated buildings including those for the chimpanzees, gibbons and rhinos. All zoo education animals are kept in the EARTH Discovery Center.