Welcome to EARTH Ltd.

What is EARTH Ltd?


Gilly the baby American Alligator is one of the animals you’ll find housed in the EARTH Discovery Center.

EARTH stands for Environmental Awareness of Resources and Threatened Habitats. We are a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization based in Mendon, MA. EARTH Ltd focuses on environmental education and our goal is to teach our community about topics including ecology, endangered species, and sustainability.

Our home base is located in Southwick’s Zoo at the EARTH Discovery Center (no, it isn’t the reptile house) Next time you visit the zoo make sure you catch one of our  live animal presentations. Zoo visitors are also welcome to come inside the Discovery Center to get a closer look at our animals. There are a few animals that are not typically used for presentations, so it’s definitely worth checking out!


What do we do?

We provide Southwick’s Zoo and the community with education programs. We essentially serve as the zoo’s education department. We also perform live animal presentations for zoo visitors, train interns and docents(volunteers) that work at the zoo, and offer a number of programs. We also perform our own research projects and help support conservation nonprofits such as the International Rhino Foundation.


Programs we offer include ZooMobiles, Internships, Docent/Volunteer training, Wild Adventure Spring/Summer Programs, Junior ZooKeeping, and Rhino Encounters.


Where do EARTH’s Fund go:

earth expenses

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