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Make a Donation to EARTH Ltd. in Mendon MA and help support Southwick's Zoo, our educational programs, the environment, and more!EARTH Ltd. relies on your donations to help with all of our great programs, events, education, and so much more! Please make a donation to help support EARTH Ltd., and thank you in advance!

EARTH supports the Blackstone Valley Education Foundation, outreach programs in New England and at Southwick’s Zoo, Internships for College Students, Docent Training and educational supplies. We also provide funding to the following organizations:

 Sarapiqui Conservation Learning Center

 Sloth Rehabilitation Center

 Whale Shark Research through ECOCEAN USA

 International Rhino Foundation

 Blackstone Valley Education Foundation

 ARA Project for the Great Green Macaw

 Building Blue Moon Eco-lodge in Utila,  Honduras