EARTH Awareness Day

Visit Southwick’s Zoo on Saturday, August 5th for a day of learning and family fun! EARTH Awareness Day, which is always held on the first Saturday in August, is used to help promote conservation issues through special presentations, guests, and displays. Our interns will also have their research projects on display throughout the zoo. Activities are included with the zoo’s normal admission rates, and this event is free for members of EARTH!

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Intern Project Topics

EARTH Discovery Center Interns
Mady Eori – “Baby Animal Patterns”
Emily Begue – “Hyena Gait”
Maura Gould – “Invasive Species”
Brianna Albert – “Endangered Species”
Marissa Wyman– “Hero Rats”
Haley Goulet – “Feeding Adaptations”
Sarah Anderson– “Big Cat Conservation”

Bird Interns
Emily Jacobowski – Lovebird “Kiki”
Jess Rector – Eclectus Parrot “Ernie”
Cameron Russell – Blue & Gold Macaw “Henry”
Becky Woodcock– Great Green Macaw “Dakota”
Nicole Barney – Eclectus Parrot “Amber”
Caroline Lunt – Hyacinth Macaw “Ben”
Skye Cahoon – Cockatiels “Jack” & “Luna”

Primate Interns
Mitch Coburn– “Species Reintroductions”
Caroline McDermott – “Bushmeat”

Hoofstock Interns
Jackie Sadowski – “Animal camouflage”

Visiting Exhibitors

Jane Deming – Endangered Species
Blackstone Heritage Corridor’s Trash Responsibly
Normand Peloquin – Bee Keeper
Peter Hawkes from Greener Acres – Cow Milking Demonstration
Wingmasters – Birds of Prey Presentation
Shepherd’s Harvest – Artisan Soap
Freak of Nature CT – Artisan Soap
Angel Hair Alpacas

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