Rhino Diaries: There’s More to a Rhino Than Just its Horn!


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Wildlife Reserve Worker Weeping Next to Poached Rhino. Photo Credit: One Green Planet

Wildlife Reserve Worker Weeping Next to Poached Rhino.
Photo Credit: One Green Planet

Today we are just sharing our feelings on a topic that has been weighing on our hearts. The topic is poaching. Earlier this month the Kaziranga National Park lost two rhinos due to poaching. For us, we lost two friends within a week.

Have you ever lost a friend, family member or loved one? It is always devastating when we hear news of losing another friend. Sometimes we feel guilty. We are living at the zoo in a wonderful and safe environment while our friends are struggling to survive everyday. Our friends do not know if they will even make it to see the next day.

Everyday rhinos are hunted for their horns. There is a high demand for our horns because people believe they contain medicinal substances that can cure illnesses. There is no scientific evidence that our horns can cure illnesses, also our horns contain keratin, that your hair and nails are made from.

Rhino poaching has increased over the years and is a big issue. Our friends are captured, their horns are stolen, and while injured they are left alone to die. Are money and false accusations more important than rhinos going extinct? Are you satisfied with knowing that your future children may never see a rhino? Even rhinos on preserves are not safe and it is just heartbreaking.

We need our horns. We use out horns for protection. We have families. We have friends. Rhinos have different personalities. We love to play with each other. We look forward to the next day and what it brings. We love life. You will not be able to see how wonderful we are if rhinos go extinct. There is more to a rhino then just their horn.


Louise & Thelma

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